31 classes * 31 days * 31 minutes 
march 1 ~ march 31
10:30-11:01 am, every day
yes, even the weekends
build the rest of your day around your practice. 
not your practice around your day.
investment: $3.48 per day if you buy the month package for $108.00
Drop in's available for $8, also through my Venmo. Class code will be left in your Venmo comments.
Like brushing your teeth. We take these 31 minutes to strenthen life force through a myriad of approaches:
dharma/contempation - bodywork/PVC/ball work - meditation
balanced athlete (tm) - vinyasa - restoration - yoga nidra express
savasana -chanting 
How will we cover all of this in 31 minutes?  
@jacquibonwell is my VENMO for payment
jacquibonwell@gmail.com is my PAYPAL info
Those who show up every day LIVE will receive a special sacred gift made by me & a "LOVE ALL SERVE ALL" tank top upon full completion.  In addition, you will also recieve a certificate that reads "ONE TIME I SERIOUSLY GOT IT TOGETHER". A portion of the proceeds collected will be donated to research towards Pulmonary Hypertension & Eohlers Danos Syndrome. 

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