From March 1-31st I taught a 31 class each day as part of an effort to get off, what I called, was the "STRUGGLEBUS" and "GET IT TOGETHER." This approach was through a myriad of holistic strategies I have studied and how to use the practice of Yoga & Meditation to give you life, give you energy, etc. The bundle of classes will be provided to you to self pace yourself through April & keep making, at least a mini practice that PACKS A PUNCH, involved in your daily.  

If you took the March program and want  the March Rewind = $54

If you just want the March rewind & didn't take it in March= $81 (it includes 31 classes)

You can save your space through my VENMO account, or PAYPAL (email is : jacquibonwell@gmail.com for paypal)

Individual classes cannot be purchased from the Rewind.  The rewind will expire on April 30th before the "live" (online but live class each day) sessions begin for the program in MAY!

I will run this special, unique program (31/31/31), in MAY 2021, with new sequences & playlists! My goal is to run it during the months of 31 days and the rewinds for your off months. With the virus, though, I just go month to month for now!

I can't promise you enlightment but I know I can promise you upliftment.

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