Let Your Crazy Guide You ~

w/ Game Changing Meditation/Yoga Teacher, Erin Rizkalla

$25 drop in May 3rd from 11:30-1:30pm, worth every cent. This is part of my teacher training & we are opening it to the public. If you are interested in meditation or stressed, or know someone stressed, but can't commit to a whole series....this is definitely worthy of investment. Top notch wisdom for on the fly.

Email me for registration & more information.


Virtually, Friday May 7th from 5-8pm

Take a journey through the 7 major energy fields of the body.  Apply ancient recommendations that work to this day to wake up your life force.  Ways to become your own health insurance.  Using movement, breathing, visualization, sound and other strategies to get your overall battery back up to speed. 

Registration is will be up shortly through Om 3 Yoga!

MORE TO COME. In Person classes in the works for all my old stomping grounds, my amazing studios that are out there holding down the fort.  Stay tuned...

I can't promise you enlightment but I know I can promise you upliftment.