STARTS OCT 12th, 2021
(Mostly remote & monthly extended In person Sessions)

me directly & let's set up a time to TALK by phone!

A Few Highlights:


  • Flexible Schedule of either daily Live ZOOM sessions


  • Recordings of the daily session avail within 24 hours to watch on your own timeline.

  • An incredible lesson plan that includes a wide, wise range of the following subjects listed below.

Happy to set up a time to talk so you can feel solid on what all of this means : ) 

I would be honored to be your teacher.  
Having graduated hundreds & hundreds of teachers.....this is my passion!
The incredible Kim Spear will conduct some of the sessions.  SHE is divine.


  • Functional Movement & Balanced Athlete (tm) principles

  • Teaching Effective Meditation & the study of Neuroscience

  • Yoga Nidra, Ball Rolling, Restorative Yoga & a solid look at Ayurveda

  • Advanced Sequencing & Applied Anatomy 

  • Special Populations 

  • Social Justice/Implicit Bias

  • Advanced Theming & Delivery

  • Clinically Informed Restorative Chair Certification (CLIR training) is embedded in this program. 

  • Business: Building your Internal & External OMpire

Every Monday-Friday from 10:30-1:30 live Zoom sessions starting Oct 12th
$500 off tuition scholarships are first come, first serve
Investment: $3200.00

Once a month we have our in-person LONG day (somewhere in the Canton/Weymouth area. Location TBD)
Each day of the training an hour practice & a half hour meditation is also assigned.  The only time you will need outside of training hours is for READING