Your dear friend in the flight. 

A footsouldier beside you in the trenches of life.

Mother, Author, Motivational Speaker & holy hot mess at times. 

Director of the 200 & 300hr Yoga Alliance Certification programs. 

Owner  & Mother Bird of the Canton Yoga Shala.

I am a teacher of Life.  A teacher of self support. A teacher of forgiveness.

For anything else, I don't even have that kind of time.

Diligent student of Rolf Gates, Johnny Gillespie, David Vendetti, Pat Iyer & Sharon Gannon.

Deep bow to all of the great Masters of this practice, including India.

I see that none of them had perfect condition.

Their glory was won through effort. 

I love my Mother & my Father more than life itself.

My children are my greatest teachers. My greatest sources of love & wisdom. My reminder of our natural state.

My brothers have been my wingmen since birth.  My ride or dies.

Family means more to me than any professional accomplishment. 

AND my husband. God Bless him.

He's been married to a loving blender with no lid since 2006.  

As far as Yoga or "wellness"~I was humbled into all of this.

Forever a student. 

A true empath, I deeply care for people.

It's a bell I can't unring.

I am  a Social Worker by blood & choice.

Initially, I never saw the investment in my own health as the offering.

I never valued the need to be so fine tuned because I never understood that my body & mind (and the care of it) allow for the work & message to become LONG TERM.  

As far as a "Yoga Teacher?" 

I've always feel like an imposter.  

I just dare greatly I age... I'm over it. : ) 

Someone always has a problem with something.

Even Mother Teresa had critics.

I choose to love them anyways.

I choose to care, not carry.

I choose to see others as having a hard time, not giving me a hard time. 

I choose to see all of humanity doing it's best.

And that's the only lens I see through.

I've got a 50/50 shot anyways.