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     Hi all. I graduated the very 1st 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training that Open Doors Yoga in Weymouth, MA ever held in 2005. I was raised by strong energetic teachers like Richard Lanza, Jene' Rossi, Sean Cornelison & Pat Iyer.  I am so grateful I was initially raised from this perspective.  It really pointed out that it doesn't matter if you can balance on your eardrums if you have no alignment in your soul. Since then I have gone on to aggressively study some of the energetic greats like Caroline Myss and Anodea Judith. 

Prior to that my track was Social Work/Probation/Child Law, etc. until after almost a decade of working with Domestic Violence survivors and over 7 years working for the State of Massachusetts Department of Social Services (now DCF) I developed ulcers. That was just one of a whole laundry list of side effects from STRESS.  I had sadly realized that I can't trick my nervous system.  Years of having no control and swimming in work that is never done made the stress outweigh the joy of continuing to do Social Work in that way. 

     I spent years teaching Yoga all over Massachusetts after I graduated. My teaching regular drop in Yoga classes evolved into Guest Teacher trainings presentations, workshops, motivational speaking, creating and leading the Yoga certification programs since 2011.  I am also passionate about fundraising.  I work hard to motivate people, raise awareness and generate momentum for several causes over the years. We need each other now more than ever.  We must rebuild and INVEST in each other.

I consider Rolf Gates & Johnny Gillespie HUGE teaching influences of mine.  Their delivery, their heartfelt words, wisdom and humor have consistently added depth, meaning and perspective to my life. I feel blessed to have received my 500 hour Advanced Yoga Certification under Rolf's tutelage & more CEU's than I can count with Johnny!  In 2011 I went on to create my own Advanced & Basic Yoga Certification Programs.  I am proud to say I have graduated hundreds and hundreds of students through the Yoga Alliance. I call them each "bird." They know who they are.

     A deep bow to my family, kids, dog (Glory) , friends, parents, birds and my other Teachers: David Vendetti, Dr. Rick Hanson, Caroline Myss, Anodea Judith, India and all of the great, ETHICAL Yoga teachers who have passed down these teachings generation to generation.  

From my soul to yours,

Jacqui Bonwell

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Eduation Provider (YACEP)

  • Director/Founder/Creator of the Sacred Seeds 200hr Registered Yoga School (RYS-200)

  • Director/Founder/Creator of the Sacred Seeds 300hr Registered Yoga School (RYS-300)

  • Owner/Director/Manager for over 7 years of the Canton Yoga Shala in Canton, MA

  • Graduate of the University of Rhode Island ~ Bachelor of Arts (Focus of Study: Psychology/Sociology)

  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance at 500hr Level (E-RYT-500) 

  • Prenatal Certified Registered Yoga Teacher 

  • Founder of the "CLIR Program: Clinically Informed Restorative Chair Yoga Certification" for bringing Restorative into Prisons/Institutionalized environments

  • Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga & Meditation Certified

  • Reiki Master, Usui lineage

  • Motivational Speaker/Yoga Life Coach

  • Co-Author of Migrations: An Almanac for the Soul, published in 2019

  • Balanced Athlete (tm) Level 2 Certified Coach

  • Functional Movement Screen Level 1 (FMS) Certified

  • 2019 Recipient of the Boston Children's Hospital "Veteran of Service" Award

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