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The CLIR Chair Yoga Facilitator Training

November 16th-19th, 2021

This is not the kind of warm & fuzzy Restorative Yoga you may be thinking of.

This is CLIR (CLInically Restorative) Chair Yoga training will teach you how to bring the Restorative Yoga mentality, to both, insitutionalized environments, as well as regular group enviroments where props may not be available.


Typically, Restorative Yoga is taught with tons of props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, etc) to bring the floor to you, to promote rest & to practice meditation & mindfulness.  Anyone living in a group environment, especially one that has clinical or psychological considerations, can truly grow from quieting down & build new neural networks by practicing a relaxed state of mind.  The chair poses taught are accessible for all ages.  The formula for CLIR chair yoga can be used in nursing homes, senior centers, schools, studios, workplaces, houses of correction, hospitals, etc. The chair poses chosen help to take some of the stressful charge out 0f the body while a strategy of counting & quiet is used to take the stressful charge out of the mind.

Joined by LICSW, Nancy Pando, and Implicit Bias Trainer/Seachange Yoga Trauma Yoga Facilitator (to name a few), Katie Beane, we three queens roll out a wise, heartfelt and effective program to help Yoga find all different kinds of people who may need more coping mechanisms in their toolkit, or who just need to stop & relax!  This training has been approved by Seachange Yoga (Maine) as an approved training to teach for them.

Email me for program registration & details

Investment: $375

through my Venmo

Class information & links will be left in your Venmo comments.

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