Clinically Informed Restorative (CLIR) Yoga Certification w

Join me and LICSW, Nancy Pando, for a weekend training to prepare Yoga teachers for teaching in crisis environments.

For my Maine folks~this program has been approved by Sea Change Yoga Maine to teach for their placements!


Sat July 25th & Sun July 26th from 10-3pm both days


Online at the Zoo(m)

A snapshot of what is  included in this Omazing training:

  • How to teach restorative yoga with no props but the chair you're sitting in or the shoes you're in!

  • How to teach Trauma Informed Yoga

  • Teacher safety and establishing boundaries

  • An unforgettable presentation on "What Yoga Teachers Need to Know" by  LICSW, Nancy Pando, who has spent much of her career as a Therapist and Medical Social Worker in high crisis environments.

  • How to cue using clinically informed cues.

  • Lesson plan, practice teaching and program presentation/e-manual will be reviewed.



This training will be recorded and any sessions that may be interrupted by computer issues, family issues, emergencies, etc can still be available.

Email me for placement & program contract.