I am inspired & humbled by every day life & regular people.  For my accomplishments I consider being a Mother, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, Wife and neighbor just as important as my "professional" accomplishments.  I'm actually happy I never had a "guru" I studied under because most of the ones at the top royally dropped the ball. I had regular, ridiculously wise, every day teachers, like Johnny Gillespie, Pat Iyer, Rolf Gates & David Vendetti. They taught me that true enlightenment can be found in the mundane and that God is in the eyes and hearts of all people.  I see this in my students and the hundreds of teachers I have graduated from my Yoga training programs. 

I am an ERYT-500 Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, a YACEP Continuing Ed Provider, Balanced Athlete Level 2 Coach, Author of Migrations: An Almanac For the Soul, Yin Yoga & Meditation Certified,  Director of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School & Curriculum and Owner of the Canton Yoga Shala in Canton, MA since 2011. I feel honored to be a Motivational Speaker for everything from Schools to Social Service/Crisis jobs to millionaires in Corporate America. I know that Social Work is in my blood. I work hard to raise money for various charities through Yoga.  I've been a New England Presenter for the past 8 years for Yoga Reaches Out at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.  My team & I have raised over $400,000 for Children's Hospital, The hOMebase Yoga Benefit for Veterans of MGH & their families as well as numerous other charities and local families.  I have trained my teachers to "go into the holes" where they don't have these teachings available readily: prisons, rehabs, schools and nursing homes so that everyone can get access to these helpful teachings. I've spent a significant amount of time training teachers in NH & Maine and have been a 6 time presenter for the Maine Yoga Festival and regularly host retreats and trainings at Kripalu Center for Healing Arts in Lenox, MA. 

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After receiving my degree I travelled extensively eventually settling back in MA to begin my commitment and career in Social Work that took me everywhere from Boston neighborhoods to Ireland and Oregon. During my social services career, I had the privilege of meeting amazing people who did more than persevere; they transformed and proved a lot of glory can be found at rock bottom. At the same time, I witnessed a darker side of life that felt like sandpaper to my soul.

There are defining moments in life when we wonder if we are in the right place or if we are heading in the right direction. Distance helps us to see things clearly. Yoga provided me with the space I needed to reflect and regroup. After over fourteen years of giving 100%, I developed ulcers from stress. My body had dictated that I had learned how not to live. That is when I left Social Services. The children I met through this career are my true teachers for life. I have the utmost admiration for each of them and continue to pray for their ease and freedom.

 I completed the Open Doors Teacher Training out of Weymouth, MA in 2004. This program not only touched on the teachings of yoga (power vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga) but included strong energy healing components. I met a wonderful mentor, Reiki Master & teacher, Pat Iyer. She helped me to build strong energetic and physical roots right out of the training gate.    

             Through the students and people put into my life, I know that the divine exists here on earth. 

From my soul to yours, 


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